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silly stuff artwork, camel wearing fun glasses

Recent Improvements

We want your ideas on how to improve systems and processes at RMIT. We've heard and acted on many of your suggestions and key improvements are continuing across the University.

Share your ideas for simplifying processes and systems across the University.

From the large and complex pieces of the puzzle, to smaller quicker changes, here are some of the ways our conversation leads to simpler, smarter, more supportive outcomes.

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Identified by staff as a top priority for improvement, significant enhancements were delivered for first semester 2017. Through the collaborative efforts of Property Services, ITS, BPI and the schools and colleges we now have:

Student lifecycle improvements in the Education portfolio

  • ARG introduced a range of digital services for Semester 1 2017 to improve the student experience and reduce the need to come on campus for administrative tasks.


    • New-look enrolment guides and videos with step-by- step instructions on how to enrol:
    • Digital self-service for verifying citizenship.
    • Enhanced functionality in SAMS allowing schools to pre-select and reserve spaces in classes
    • Improved student enrolment guides reducing the need to attend information sessions in person
    • The ability to upload their photo as soon as they've enrolled online and receive their student card in the mailprior to semester commencement


    • The Student Transitions team has designed a more collaborative Orientation planning process with a range of online resources including the master calendar to help stakeholders across the University avoid clashes and plan great events


    • The Library has released a guide for RMIT Alumni and graduating students to support lifelong learning and gives options for Library access

HR systems and processes

Staff feedback on HR systems and processes has so far resulted in

  • PageUp recruitment approvals have now reduced on average from 8 approvers to 4 and recruitment panel reporting has been simplified
  • reduced delegation levels for a range of HR processes

Faster work requests

Property Services has improved the time taken to complete work requests. New process improvements have seen an increase in 'on time' work completions from 31% in 2015 to 70% in 2016. The upwards trend continues with December 2016 recording 95% of requests completed on time.

Network Performance

ITS continues to improve the network service and reliability across the University. Latest initiatives include:

  • 980 building edge switches and 49 building routers have been deployed to upgrade the LAN
  • 2750 Aruba wireless access points were installed across 85 buildings significantly upgrading the wireless network
  • An increase in service availability and business continuity has been enabled with the replacement of the firewall infrastructure

Global mobility launches new Course Equivalency Database and improved Study Plans

"The research and time required to get Study Plan approval for outbound exchange causes some students to forgo the exchange program." - Silly Stuff submission

The new Course Equivalency Database allows students to see which courses have been previously approved for credit at our various exchange partner universities. By providing past examples and enabling more informed decision making, students experience a simpler and faster approval process which will encourage more students to participate in our mobility programs

Study planning was identified as a major pain point for students applying for an exchange program. Previously outbound exchange applications required two study plans, using a lengthy paper process in order to get one approved. Students now only need to complete a single digital Study Plan. This means less time spent by staff approving and managing study plans, and an easier process for students embarking on life-changing global exchange programs.

WIL Website upgrade:

"The lack of clarity in WIL processes. The information on the website is an absolute jumble... who am I supposed to contact when I have a query as the WIL Champion? Who do I send the WIL contracts to for TRIM?" - Silly Stuff submission

The good news: The WIL website has been updated and now includes links to contact points and clear process maps.

Lecture Capture Improvements:

"It seems like every year a proportion of the the lecture capture sessions fail... we need better supported systems to record lectures and support online delivery." - Silly Stuff submission

"Recordings are imperative for our online students and we are often having to re-record lectures at a separate time." - Silly Stuff submission

ITS has so far delivered:

  • New, reliable equipment upgrades to all learning spaces with old lecture capture technology.
  • Indicator lights have been fitted in all lecture capture enabled learning spaces - to easily view the lecture recording status.
  • Lecture capture equipment is being monitored to ensure problems are identified and fixed before class begins.

Acting Arrangements

"The process of appointing an acting Head of School has a frustrating amount of signatures and paperwork... Why can't we have a simple, consistent process?" - Silly Stuff submission

Improved procedure: The Delegations policy has been clarified by Strategy and Governance confirming that only one email needs to be sent to key staff informing them of the acting arrangements. This applies University wide, for professional and academic staff.