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Working with student leaders to shape RMIT

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Working with student leaders to shape RMIT

Last year, the entire RMIT community helped to shape the University’s Strategic Plan to 2020

Ready for Life and Work reflects the ideas of thousands within the RMIT community, and represents a new and exciting chapter for the University.

Hearing from students about how the University can improve their experience of studying is incredibly important.

This feedback is sought out in many ways, including through engaging with RUSU.

Organised by RUSU, this year’s SSCC Summit, featured a panel session chaired by Vice-Chancellor Martin Bean.

More than 100 student leaders joined to hear about the panel discuss the theme: Connectivity, Belonging and Innovation: The role of student leaders in shaping the RMIT experience.

Vice Chancellor Martin Bean emphasised to the group, as student leaders have an important role in shaping the experience of current and future RMIT students.

The panel consisted of Andrea Chester from Learning and Teaching, Stacey Campton from Ngarara Willim, RUSU’s Ariel Zohar and RMIT alumnus and successful entrepreneur Georgia Beattie.

Panel Rmit

Georgia Beattie is an RMIT success story – starting her own business shortly after graduating from a Entrepreneurship degree.

She has just been appointed as the new CEO of Startup Victoria.

Georgia told the room of students to imagine where you want to be in 20 years and start acting like that now, and to be your own leaders.

“You are your greatest asset.”

As Senior Manager of Ngarara Willim, Stacey responded to a question about managing expectations that may be unreasonable from students or colleague.

Stacey told the room that she encourages students’ to justify their requests, which will help them with what the real world is going to be like.

The panel discussed qualities of a good leader, with Ariel Zohar quick to credit the Vice-Chancellor’s willingness to listen and respect the opinions of students and student leaders.

Noting the challenges of leadership, the panelists agreed that leaders can’t always please everyone and that it’s most important to have a plan, and be upfront and honest with what is going on.

The theme of the discussion centred on belonging and giving students a sense of being part of RMIT.

Met with a rousing round of applause was the admission that this year will be the first time VE students are included in the end of year graduation ceremony at Etihad Stadium.

A bubbly fashion student from Brunswick stood up to question the panel on how as student leaders, the group could engage more students in making the most of the RMIT experience.

And it became clear through the next generation of leaders around the room, how these parts of a university experience will be even important than topping the class, post graduation.

Georgia, who forged a successful business and career after graduating in 2009, gave a lasting piece of advice to the group.

“Grab everything here (at RMIT) with both hands.”