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About Shape RMIT


What is #shapeRMIT?

The objective of #shapeRMIT was to engage the RMIT community in an open dialogue about the future direction of the University. This required connecting with the community in new and different ways. You can stay up to date on what’s happening on the #shapeRMIT news feed.

The Story So Far

  • In March 2015, Vice Chancellor Martin Bean invites the whole RMIT community to join in an open conversation about RMIT's future
  • #shapeRMIT launches with an initial online forum that receives hundred of comments. View the archived forum
  • By October, thousands of staff members, students and alumni have contributed to online discussions, workshops and presentations. Their ideas helped shape the goals and actions outlined in Ready for Life and Work: RMIT's strategic plan to 2020
  • In 2016, will live on as a place for open debate and discussion of ideas. It will continue sharing success, providing feedback and driving accountability towards achieving RMIT's strategic goals and priorities

Timeline - 2015

  • July: Student and staff workshops and events. #shapeRMIT forms an integral part of Founders' celebrations at Brunswick, Bundoora and City campuses
  • August: Consultation on draft strategy continues as a 'Directions Paper' is published online for feedback from the RMIT community
  • August: A 5 for 5 page launches to invite more ideas on shaping the next five years of RMIT. More than 950 unique comments from staff, students and alumni are received
  • October: Final draft of the strategic plan is endorsed by Council
  • November: Ready for Life and Work: RMIT's Strategic Plan to 2020 is launched