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Strategy Week

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Strategy Week

What was Strategy Week?

Strategy Week was a week-long series of events designed to provide a platform for engaging and exploring the macro and micro trends impacting life, and work. It was about considering what's happening in the external environment and using this information to review how we are best placed to achieve and deliver on Ready for Life and Work.

Why Strategy Week?

Strategy Week provided a significant opportunity to take stock, review and refresh our Strategic Plan, as focus areas for 2017 are defined. The key questions explored during Strategy Week are:

What's happening in the external environment?

How are we best placed to achieve our Strategic Plan - Ready for Life and Work?

During four Guest Speaker Panels, staff and students heard from external and internal experts on a range of diverse issues including:

Each of these sessions were designed to generate key take away points on areas RMIT can pursue or improve on in 2017.