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Delivering simpler processes and systems

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Delivering simpler processes and systems

One of the first priorities explored during the first half of 2016 was delivering on Goal 3 of RMIT’s strategy: supporting and empowering our people with clearer, smarter, simpler processes and systems.

After launching in February, more than a thousand staff members contributed ideas and feedback to a newly created Silly Stuff page.

Total submissions - 1227

From these submissions, there were a number of priorities that were endorsed and agreed upon by the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive. You can view them here.

As well as many specific and practical improvements have come from the feedback of our staff members, there have been a number of developments on larger scale projects. They include:

Travel Approvals

Green Arrow The Silly Stuff page revealed international travel approvals as a significant pain point for staff with up to five levels of approval required in some cases. As a result the Travel Policy has been revised and a new process introduced. Now only the approval of your Line Manager and Financial Delegate are required. However, if travel is considered high-risk, or to a high-risk country, one additional approver, (the Chief Operating Officer) is required. The Travel team worked with ITS to update the Trobexis travel system, resulting in more streamlined approvals.The new policy also provides clearer rules for travellers and maximises their safety while minimising risk and cost to the University.

Program Approvals

Green Arrow A paper-based, time-consuming program approvals process has been a consistent pain point for staff and many have shared their thoughts on the Silly Stuff page. The Education portfolio in collaboration with the Business Performance Improvement (BPI) team have designed a new streamlined, global program design and approval process for Higher Education, which was endorsed by Academic Board on June 27th 2016. Work will now begin on a new program approvals process for Vocational Education, as well as streamlining program amendments for both Higher and Vocational Education.

Student Feedback

Green Arrow The way that RMIT handles student complaints will be upgraded in the next few months as work progresses in the Academic Registrar’s Group (ARG) and the office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education. Once completed this work will result in a simpler and more efficient complaints procedure using an automated platform.

Grade Amendments

Green Arrow RMIT is improving the student and staff experience by building efficiencies into the grade amendments process. The existing method involves a number of manual steps and paper forms. ARG are working with the Business Performance Improvement (BPI) team, and are working to deliver faster outcomes for students when grades need to be amended. It will also make processing an amendment much simpler for RMIT academic and professional staff.


Green ArrowFeedback from staff and students identified the current timetable development process as a significant pain point in the RMIT experience. This work has started with the establishment of a cross-departmental working group with ARG, Schools and Colleges, Property Services and the BPI team and aims to deliver improvements by semester 1 of the 2017 academic year.

Global Mobility

Green Arrow The exchange experience has improved for RMIT students and is now easier and simpler to access with the introduction of a new Course Equivalency Database. This also means less administrative burdens for Global Mobility staff and more students being supported to embark on life-changing global exchange programs.